🇮🇹 Innovative sports venue with divisible ice surface

  • 05. August 2022
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A special piping system was installed for the municipality of Peio, which combines the advantages of a concrete rink and flexible use of the ice rink in 2 areas. The ice rink can be opened on 1.800 m² of ice surface, or reduced to 900 m² if professional teams no longer need to train and there is a reduced need for public skating.

The village is located in the Ortler group in the Stelvio National Park, on a sunny mountain slope with around 400 inhabitants. This year, a new sports field with a concrete area was built with the option to transform it into an ice rink during the winter period.


Goals of the common project

  • Construction of the concrete area
  • Realization of an ice rink in winter and multi-purpose rink in summer
  • Multifunctional use of the area
  • Possibility of reducing operating costs


  • Installation of PPR piping with 2 separate cooling circuits
  • Header lines with 2 valves
  • Tichelmann system
  • Operation using ecological brine

“The ice rink is not fully used for the entire winter season. This solution was quickly found and from an originally standard ice rink with 1,800 m2, two separate areas of 900 m2 each can be realized.”

– Lorenzo Bonato, Sales Director REALICE
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