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  • 02. May 2022
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Sometimes nice projects need to start from a crazy idea! The Florence Ice Village is one of them.

“Do you think it’s possible to build up a 400 m long ice rink downtown in Florence? Maybe around a small lake and a fountain?”

“Can we run the ice rink until the end of February with more than 25 degrees outside temperature?“ asked the Moruzzi family. “Yes, we can!” says Lorenzo Bonato!
Sometimes nice projects need to start from a crazy idea!
Duration: 13 weeks | Lenght: 400 meters | Width: 5 meters

Florence, the capital of Tuscany – is located almost in the centre of the Italian peninsula. The city is a magnet for tourists during the whole year. Especially from Easter to the end of September it seems to be flooded with visitors from all over the world. The centro storico, the historic old town, the Uffizi, but also hip fashion shops and old manufactures in wood gilding and copper engraving are just parts that form the fascination of this city. “I was told that I am going to play in the Champions League of ice rinks in Europe, I did not believe! After the first week of operation I only can say ‘Thank you for the big support I have received”, Davide Moruzzi. Yes, we did it together… just watch the video.

I was really concerned about this project as it was the first-time experience on ice. And the team of Intercom Dr. Leitner performed over the limit.

– Davide Moruzzi
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