🇮🇹 Official sponsor of the 2026 Winter Olympics in Milano Cortina

  • 08. April 2024
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We´re becoming a partner and supplier for ice technologies and ski slope equipment for the 25th Winter Olympics 2026 in Milano Cortina.


Around 2,500 athletes from over 80 countries will take part in the 2026 Winter Olympics in Milano Cortina. Over 2 million spectators will attend these first post-coronavirus Winter Games in Italy.

Intercom Dr. Leitner, a pioneer and market leader in the field of ice technology and slope equipment, is not involved as a spectator, but plays a key role in the realization and installation of equipment at the competition venues.

“The 2026 Winter Olympics promise to be a spectacular event that will not only bring together sports enthusiasts from all over the world, but also unite the world and create excellence in winter sports. My entire team at Intercom Dr. Leitner is extremely pleased to play a key role in this event and to contribute with our expertise in ice technologies and ski slope equipment.”

– Christof Leitner, Managing Director of Intercom Dr. Leitner


With the installation of the ice technologies for the ice skating competitions – the ice surfaces, dasher boards, ice resurfacing machines and the necessary staff – as well as the supply of all snowmobiles, snow blowers and all safety equipment on the slopes, safety nets, slalom poles, starting numbers and accessories for all the competition venues, Intercom Dr. Leitner guarantees perfect, safe and sustainable conditions for the athletes in the various disciplines on ice and snow to achieve top performances.

“We are delighted to work with Intercom Dr. Leitner, an Italian company that knows the mountains inside out and reflects the spirit of the Milano-Cortina 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. Today a new reality joins the team of our sponsors and becomes the protagonist of a unique event that will return to our country after twenty years. It will be an innovative edition that will leave Italy an important and tangible legacy.”

– Andrea Varnier, Managing Director of Mailand-Cortina 2026
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